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Sunday, October 06, 2002

A nice story about a group of Italian women who married American soldiers who were part of the 88th Division in Italy.

This involves an aspect of Americans that I think many people overlook. Unlike so many noon-Americans who travel and see places from an ethnologists more nuanced view and who search out only those aspects they wish to see, Americans immerse themselves in the places they go, they want to absorb and see and learn as much as they can. We want to meet and talk to everyone. We are used to meeting people and immediately starting a friendship. Americans will exchange addresses and phone numbers after five minutes of conversation in a restaurant or even while standing in line. If you do that with an American expect a call and a Christmas card.

For all the smears thrown at a racist imperialist America, I doubt any other nation in the world can compare, even in relative terms, to the number of Americans married to people of a different race or culture (myself included. I am married to an Indonesian woman I met while living overseas). It is a part of the openess and acknowledgement that 'all men are created equal' that is inherent in our culture.

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