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Wednesday, October 02, 2002

Lileks asks what it takes to call someone a traitor.

Then there are Democratic Congresspersons David Bonior and Jim McDermott. One can only wonder what made them want to visit beautiful downtown Baghdad -- it's possible they were thinking of opening up prisons for children in their home states of Michigan and Washington, and wanted to see how Saddam does it. (Curious George crucified in the lobby as a warning? Nice touch!) Whatever was on the itinerary, they made sure us ignorant Americans knew whom to trust in the Middle East.

"I think you have to take the Iraqis on their face value," McDermott said.

Yes, we do. And, like grocery store coupons, the face value is 1/100th of a cent. Not so much as a cocked Spock-like eyebrow toward Saddam or his claque of toadies.

No, save your suspicions for the real liar: George W. Bush. McDermott thinks this is all about oil, and said Bush "would mislead the American people" to get his war. Treason? No. This is "dissent," as in "the Rosenbergs dissented from the concept of American sole ownership of nuclear technology."

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