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Tuesday, October 08, 2002

A Kuwaiti paper reported this morning that Saddam recently escaped an assassination attempt.

The Kuwaiti news agency said that the Arabic-language article in Al-Qabas newspaper reported a failed bid "last week" by a military pilot in Iraq to bomb a presidential palace where Saddam Husayn was present.

Diverting his plane towards the Al-Tharthar palace at the beginning of a military exercise, the pilot succeeded in reaching the target zone but was struck by a missile fired from the ground.

The Soviet-made warplane was said to be shot down by the air defences of Saddam's personal guards and the pilot captured, interrogated and subsequently burned to death in front of his fellow servicemen from the air force.

Here is the story from Kuna.

Meanwhile, the same newspaper quoted unidentified travellers, who were recently in Baghdad, as saying that a state of high confusion was prevailing in the ranks of the regime's personnel as a result of deep concern over a prospected internal uprising to oust the regime. Up to 30,000 special personnel have been deployed in areas where the regime fears a prospected rebellion, it said, adding that five brigades of the presidential and republican guards have been stationed in Baghdad, as part of special measures to forestall possible popular action. Al-Qabas said that the regime troops have repeatedly combed low-income districts of Baghdad in search for hidden weapons and special units have been stationed at statues of the Iraqi ruler after several of them were sprayed with anti-regime slogans.

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