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Friday, October 04, 2002

Japan has raised and now confirmed that the 'fishing' vessel that was sunk in December is indeed a spy ship from North Korea.

The coast guard, which salvaged the 130-meter ship on Sept. 11, has thus far retrieved the remains of at least seven crew members.

It has also retrieved a 14.5mm heavy machinegun that has a firing range of 1,000 meters and looks like a Russian ZPU-2 anti-air heavy machinegun, two anti-air missile launchers with a range of 5,000 meters, two shoulder-held rocket launchers, four 5.45mm-caliber automatic rifles, an 82mm antitank recoilless gun, and six hand grenades. One of the rocket launchers, which looks like a Russian RPG-7 rocket launcher, features a red star -- the national symbol of North Korea -- and Korean characters denoting it is a 1968-type No. 7 Firing Tube. The automatic rifles, which look like Russian-made AKS-74 rifles, feature a carved seal of a North Korean red star on their surface, the coast guard said.

The ship was disguised as a Chinese fishing vessel, bearing the name of a Chinese port on its stern. But a wooden board bearing a fake Japanese fishery registration number was also recovered, indicating that the crew members were ready to try and disguise the vessel as a Japanese ship.

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