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Tuesday, October 01, 2002

If true, I suppose this is one way to put 'Sunshine' in you relations with a hostile neighbor.

South Korean president Kim Dae-jung has been accused of "bribing" North Korea to improve relations with the South by secretly channelling $400m (£250m) of public funds to Pyongyang through the Hyundai business group.

Opposition politicians alleged state-run Korea Development Bank funded payments by Hyundai to North Korea shortly before and after Mr Kim's Nobel Peace prize-winning summit meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-il in June 2000.

"It has been found that the inter-Korean summit in 2000 was bought with money," said Suh Chung-won, chairman of the Grand National party, South Korea's main opposition party. Hyundai and the government denied the allegations.

Providing generous aid to poverty-stricken North Korea in return for a reduction in tensions is an accepted principle of Seoul's "sunshine" policy of reconciliation. However the suggestion that a secret cash payment preceded the inter-Korean summit has provoked outrage in South Korean newspapers.

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