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Sunday, October 06, 2002

A group of Christians has been banned by the Anglican Bishop of Harare after they prostested his support of Comrade Bob.

Nineteen church wardens, officials and choir members disrupted Bishop Nolbert Kunonga's sermons last month to protest their political content and praise of Mugabe. The ban takes effect Sunday.

Kunonga, head of the Anglican Church in Harare, has divided Christians for his outspoken support of Mugabe's push to seize white-owned farmland and distribute it to landless blacks.

The parishioners, who want politics kept out of the church, will appeal ask the Harare magistrate's court to strike down on Tuesday, their lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa said. The interim order banned them from worshipping at the main Anglican Cathedral in downtown Harare and from visiting church-owned buildings and activities until further notice. ``It means they can be arrested, even if someone invites them to a parish house for tea,'' Mtetwa said.

In court documents dated Sept. 25, Kunonga accused the 19 church officials of disrupting services, with choir members refusing to provide choral music and on one occasion leading the congregation into ``uncontrollably'' singing hymns to stop the service. Kunonga was elected bishop last year, amid accusations he used his influence with the ruling party to secure the post. He was also accused of firing priests who opposed his nomination.

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