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Wednesday, October 02, 2002

Clinto just picking his words for the moment. No need to consider his own role in getting us where we are.

"I appreciate what the prime minister is trying to do in terms of bringing America and the rest of the world to a common position," he said. "If he weren't there to do this, I doubt if anyone else could. So I am very, very grateful."

Clinton said he disagreed with most of his successor President Bush's policies, but was with him on trying to achieve a tough new U.N. resolution on Iraq while maintaining the threat of military action as a "last resort."

Has he actually heard what Blair and Bush have been saying? Or did he hear Blair say "blah blah blah UN blah blah blah" and say "Yeah, I completely agree with Tony"?

"I believe we have to stay at this business until we get all those biological and chemical weapons out of there," Clinton said, noting that Britain and the United States had acted successfully in Kosovo after Russia blocked U.N. endorsement. "We will not allow ourselves to be defeated by tyrants with weapons of mass destruction. That will never happen."

Just forget those years between 1994 & 2000. And defnitely don't bring up 1998-2000.

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