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Friday, October 11, 2002

Again, in case you doubt the intentions behind attacks on Israel. The commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps called for 100 million good Muslims to step forward and join an army to ''liberate' Palestine (read: kill ll the Jews). Well at least he is being rational abut the numbers they would need to take on Israel.

He added: America's next objective is to confront Islam because the victory of the Islamic revolution brought a shiver to backbone of the Americans; and their political failures in the region started in the wake of the Islamic revolution.

General Safavi said: The Islamic revolution's victory in the eight-year [Iran-Iraq] war was a big lesson to the Americans. The victory of this nation's sons during the holy defence taught a historical lesson to the enemies of this state and this nation.

Unfortunately for General Safavi's world view, Americans don't dwell on the 'Islamic Revolution'. Also, itseems to me that he hasn't done a comparison of the West and the Middle East when talking about sending shivers. Who has to oppress their population for fear of them adpting the other's ways?

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