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Wednesday, September 25, 2002

Where the hell are the lead stories about Zimbabwe on ABC CNN CBS or NBC? If this were taking place anywhere else to anyone but a bunch of white farmers. There would be aid concerts, grand international summits in exotic locals to bewail the fate of the people, and world leaders would be tripping over themselves to denounce the racist regime of oppression.

The wife of Zimbabwe's army commander threatened to kill a white farmer, telling him as she occupied his farm that she had "not tasted white blood" for 22 years, according to court documents obtained here on Wednesday.

When Staunton offered a handshake, "she told me she had no intention of shaking hands with a white pig," the farmer said.

"She stated that she had not tasted white blood since 1980 (independence) and missed the experience, and that she needed just the slightest excuse to kill somebody," said Staunton.

"She ordered one of her guards to 'kill the white bastards'," he said. The gunman cocked his weapon, but did not open fire.

General Chiwenga is reported to have been allocated another highly sophisticated farm in the Marondera district, in an area where one of his neighbours is Air Marshal Perence Shiri, the commander of the air force who has forced about 300 previously resettled peasants to get off the farm he has seized.

During the occupation, Mrs Chiwenga declared herself to be "the new Mbuya Nehanda," a woman spirit medium venerated in Zimbabwe as the leader of an uprising against white occupation in 1896.

Staunton said she also boasted she was "filthy rich."

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