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Thursday, September 05, 2002

When will the madness ned? Now a theater teacher is in trouble for telling her students to stay out of the sun because "Lighter is better". She said this because the darker someone's skin, the harder it is to light them on stage. This sent some students and parents into a tizzy.

Some black students thought that was a racially insensitive remark. DeLana Clark, the mother of one of those students, complained Wednesday to principal Barbara Shorter. "I just can't believe an adult, for one, let alone a teacher, would say those type of things to a black kid who may be feeling insecure already," Clark said.

She was placed on administrative leave "for allegations of inappropriate conduct in a classroom,"

She is brave neough to stand up for herself though.

Mitchell, hired by Pinellas schools in 1988, said she was telling her students the truth about getting into show business. "The world is ugly, okay, and the television, movie and theater industry is ugly," she said. "How can I teach when I can't teach what's true?"

I guess with parents this sensitive it must be a tough work environment.

At least one parent is pleased that the school district is investigating the incident. "When it's just so blatant like that, they're should be some kind of repercussion," Clark said.

Yes that is what Liberals feel. Any blatant truth that they don't like with should have swift and severe repercussions.

UpdateJust a thought, wouldn't not liking the word based on how it sounds and not what it means be profiling?

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