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Thursday, September 26, 2002

This should be the question central to the debate on Iraq.

For me, whether or not Washington should attack depends on the answer to one complicated question: Is that approach the best way of achieving the goal? That's a key issue not just for America's own course of action but for the precedent it sets. Bush's rationale for attack cannot be distinguished on principle from what, say, India might consider against Pakistan.

The only difference may be tactical: Does the move bring you closer to your goal of peace and security or further from it? That's the fundamental question Washington must grapple with now.

This is reasonable and I would like to see the two sides take this question on. For once forget the stupid attempts at scoring political points. Implying that oil and big business are pushing the war so they will profit. No chest beating and implying the other side just doesn't care about the security of Americans. That's all bullshit it gets us nowhere it distracts from the real issues and costs us precious time. If you try to hide other issues by talking war or are afraid to make you feelings on war public you don't deserve to be in charge of our defence.

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