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Friday, September 06, 2002

This could be very important. While still maintaining that he wishes for a diplomatic solution Australian Prime Minister John Howard stated clearly that we have the evidence to prove Saddam is still in posession of weapons of mass destruction.

"We obviously have access to intelligence," Mr Howard told reporters at Amberley Air Base, west of Brisbane. "We haven't idly said that we believe Iraq has weapons of mass destruction."

Also of note.

Defence Minister Robert Hill said the probability of war was increasing.

"If the US reaches the conclusion that there is no other alternative, and it seems to be gradually heading that way . . . then it is reasonable to expect that they will seek some assistance from Australia," Senator Hill said.

Senator Hill's office also confirmed yesterday that massive Russian Antonov aircraft have been transporting Australian troops and equipment into Kuwait but denied it was part of a major military build-up in the region.

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