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Sunday, September 15, 2002

Talk about going out like a rock star. Here is how John Entwhistle spent the last few hours of his life.

The WHO legend John Entwistle died because he had wild sex with a stripper after taking cocaine, an official report has revealed. Entwistle, 57, suffered a fatal heart attack after his night of debauchery with Las Vegas showgirl Alison Rowse, 27. According to coroner Ron Flud, Entwistle died after consuming four coffee and brandies combined with cocaine followed by a sex session with self-confessed Who groupie Rowse.

...Tazarae Carranza, 19, a fellow exotic dancer at the tacky Dj Vu strip club, said Sianna boasted about John Entwistle and how she was friends with The Who.

"She was the original rock and roll groupie. It's sad that John died, but at least he went out in a rock and roll way – with a stripper in a room in Vegas high on coke," she said.

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