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Friday, September 13, 2002

Speaking of Comrade Bob. Along with 300 more farmers arrested his forces picked up a recently retired judge.

Also on Friday, police arrested a recently retired judge, who had tried to sentence the justice minister to prison, accusing him of bias against the government and irregularities in office.

In a continuing crackdown against alleged government critics -- including judges, reporters and human rights workers -- former High Court Judge Feargus Blackie, 65, was taken by police from his Harare home before dawn, his wife, Adrienne, told The Associated Press.

Where the hell is the world's media on this. They wail and decry America for the arrest and detention, without full Constitutional Rights, of armed men whose organization states that their goal is to murder Americans and their allies. Political prisoners are rounded up in the hundreds in Zimbabwe and you don't see a front page above the fold headline in a single newspaper. No exposes just an article tucked away in the regional news.

Barron and Farrakhan and the others scream about the violation of civil rights when Ashcroft asks Arab men to voluntarily come in for interviews with the FBI yet praaise and honor and bestow all glory on a tyrant who has his men rape and murder the people he rules.

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