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Wednesday, September 11, 2002

Spain has now voiced support for America's plan to oust Saddam.

"We are on the side of those who want to prevent threats to the world," Aznar told parliament on Wednesday, a day after Bush consulted
with the Spanish leader about Iraq.

"I want to exhaust all of the channels of persuasion in relation to the crisis with Iraq," Aznar responded, adding that, "I hope for a U.N.
resolution." But he also made clear he would support Bush even if the Security Council did not. "It is incredible that the Iraqi regime for some time has been trying by all means to acquire weapons of mass destruction and give cover to terrorism," Aznar said."We will always be on the side of those who like us and with us fight for the cause of freedom and against terrorism," he said. Aznar had told Bush a U.N. resolution supporting military action against Iraq was preferable but not necessary, newspapers said, citing sources close to Aznar.

Well Kofi. That is Spain, the US, Britain, Italy, Holland, Denmark, Kuwait, Australia and Israel. Still to unliateral for you?

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