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Friday, September 20, 2002

See this is the type of thing that the UN is good at.

The Representative of the UN Secretary General for Somalia, Winston Tubman, has urged the Somali people to observe an 'International Day of Peace' on Saturday as part of the global effort to focus on peace. According to a statement from his office, Tubman said the day was an opportunity for Somalia "to reflect on the scourge of many years of civil conflict".

"The United Nations is appealing to all those involved in conflicts worldwide to respect a day of ceasefire and non-violence, and to ensure that humanitarian assistance is provided to civilians caught in conflict."

"The United Nations continues to work tirelessly, through its political, developmental and humanitarian endeavours, to reconcile the Somali people and to realise a permanent end to hostilities," Tubman said in the statement.

Lots of talk and urging and 'International Days of Piece. But ask them to actually acomplish somthing will result in lots of panels, discussions, conferences in exotic places and a very firmly worded Resolution expressing concern.

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