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Monday, September 09, 2002

Pure unreasoning random terrorism. Three Palestinians were arrested for planning to poison the food at a cafe where they worked.

The head of the cell, Sufian Bakri Abadi, 23 from Jabal Mukkaber, is suspected of recruiting Moussa Mohammed Nasser from Ras el-Amud, to put into the food poison made up of a variety of substances that had no discernible taste, odor or color. The information on how to make the poison was taken from the Hamas Internet site. Under questioning, the three said that the affects of the compound would only begun to be felt after 15 to 18 hours. They said that the effects of the poison are similar to that of a heart attack.

After the compound was prepared, Abadi turned to Utman Said Kianyah from the East Jerusalem village of Silwan, a cook at the Rimon Cafe, and suggested that he poison the cafe's patrons. Kianyah agreed and the two planned to first try the compound on street cats.

In light of incidents like this, checkpoints and close scrutinizations of Palestinians in Israel becomes much more understandable.

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