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Tuesday, September 17, 2002

The Prsident is set to launch Operation "Shut Your Piehole".

According to sources, the military action will first target Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien, whom Bush vowed to "make my bitch" after repeated comments from the close ally that he was firmly against any unilateral action taken by America to remove Saddam Hussein from power.

Bush also plans to target France, Germany and Italy — or as Bush refers to them, "those good skiing countries." If required, additional resources will be spent shutting up Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Louis Farrakhan and "that ungrateful little bastard Nelson Mandela."

"Make no mistake, I'm no longer going to tolerate the constant nagging and late night phone calls concerning our position on Iraq," Bush said. "Operation Shut Your Piehole will be launched immediately and without mercy until we hear nothing but 'yes sir, whatever you say sir."'

When Kofi Annan made a last ditch effort to prevent the Operation, the President was quoted as responding:

"If you love Saddam Hussein so much, then why don't you marry him!"

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