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Friday, September 27, 2002

One man doing what he can in Afghanistan.

When two hijacked planes hit the twin towers over a year ago, Rob Schofield knew he had to abandon plans to travel back to Afghanistan. But a year on, Rob, 35, of Barnsbury, has just returned from Afghanistan, where he is continuing to help rebuild a land ravaged by twenty years of war and three years of drought. Rob is a consultant for UK aid agency Tearfund and has been active in assisting the drought-stricken areas of Afghanistan and dealing with the large numbers of refugees made homeless by the recent war and famine.

But a year on there is some fresh hope, despite continuing tribal conflicts and political uncertainty. Rob says that more than at any time before he is cautiously optimistic about Afghanistan’s future. “Now is a unique and unusual opportunity for peace. I don’t think this will happen again in quite the same way, even though at the moment it’s still a messy business. Peace so often takes time to emerge.” Peace has also made it easier for many aid agencies to continue with their work and Rob can tell of many successful projects of local aid groups in his experience. “Thanks to the work of our partners in north-eastern Afghanistan, the countryside is glowing with fields full of golden wheat and now that the drought has lifted and rivers are flowing again, there is a sense of peace and stability after more than twenty years of war.”

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