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Tuesday, September 10, 2002

On Tuesday after the faileds attempt on Hamid Karzai's life, there was a pro-Karzai rally to celebrate his survival. There were a few of hundred people. It is inspiring to see that in a country that has had mor than two decades of war can celebrate life. This is what I am taliking about. These fewhundred will spread their message the more people infected with the idea of peace and stability will reject violence, al-Qaeda and the Taliban when they realize that the path being offered them by Karzai and America is one of prosperity and peace.

Hundreds of people held up giant Afghan flags and waved large photos of President Hamid Karzai on Tuesday to show support for the new national government and the leader they nearly lost to an assassin.

``We know that these people are Afghanistan's enemy. They are hiding in Pakistan and Iran and they are planning plots against this government,'' one tribal leader said. ``Open your eyes and if you see someone who wants to disrupt the situation, hand them over to the government.'' The gathering was intended to voice southern Afghanistan's continuing support for its president, an ethnic Pashtun who hails from Kandahar, Popal said. ``This rally was organized not by the government but by the people — tribal elders, spiritual leaders and scholars. We want to support our government and condemn this act of terror,'' he said. ``Hamid Karzai is struggling to unite this country and stabilize this government. For that, he was many enemies. But he also has the support of the people.''

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