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Friday, September 13, 2002

Now that could be a watershed. The country I thought least likely to say anything, Egypt, has said they swould back, althoug reluctantly, a UN-backed mandate to attack Israel.

"Egypt, because of practical reasons and principles, cannot support U.S. military action unless there is a UN resolution against Iraq's refusal to implement international resolutions and, in this case, Egypt will support the resolutions of international legality," Maher said. "If there is a UN resolution that imposes certain measures on Iraq, we will support it," he said in the interview with ***Time*** magazine, excerpts of which were published in Arabic in Cairo's ***Al-Ahram*** daily. "Iraq must accept the return of the international weapons inspection team. If it doesn't, Egypt sees that this must be dealt with in the framework of the United Nations." But Maher cautioned that Egypt still believed "a military strike would destabilize the Middle East."

"The Arab peoples are angry at what is happening in Palestine and, for humanitarian reasons, at what is happening to the Iraqi people. "A strike on Iraq will exacerbate this anger, even though many people in the Arab region have no sympathy for (president) Saddam Hussein," he said as quoted by AFP.

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