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Thursday, September 12, 2002

Now Kofi knows that America has a good number of nations supporting action and that it is indeed not going to be a 'unilateral' action. Therefore he has changed the debate. Now he says we must deal with Israel and the Palestinians first.

In his speech at the annual General Assembly debate, the secretary-general put Iraq second on a list of four current threats to world peace "where true leadership and effective action are badly needed." First on the list is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and after Iraq comes Afghanistan and the India-Pakistan conflict over Kashmir. Annan said an international peace conference on the Mideast is needed "without delay."

Ahhh yes. The UN solution to all the world's problems. A conference. Where Israel will get denounced. Arafat will be praised and the right for Hamas to consider mudering Israeli civilians will be upheld.

"If Iraq's defiance continues, the Security Council must face its responsibilities," Annan said.

You mean any more than he has in the past 12 years?

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