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Thursday, September 19, 2002

The nice Palestinian activists and freedom fighters were foiled in their attempt at brining liberation to a Jerusalem hospital.

The Shin Bet security service recently foiled a plan by some Gazan Islamic Jihad activists to poison the drinking water at one of Jerusalem's hospitals, a charge sheet filed at the Erez Junction military court reveals. The poisoner allegedly obtained an Israeli pass to enter the country for a medical examination at the hospital with the unwitting help of an Israeli Arab Knesset member.

This is not the first time Palestinian terror groups have apparently targeted a hospital: Last week, Ha'aretz reported that a Hamas cell from Jenin planned a suicide bombing at Sheba Medical Center in Tel Hashomer. The bombers were driven to the Green Line, allegedly by a Jenin doctor, but the plan was aborted when the cell encountered a heavy military presence in the area.

The main targets of Palestinian terrorists is old people, children, women and sick people. Yet people still defen them as freedom fighters and compare them to our own Revolutionary Era warriors. Please show me the stories of Minutemen and the Continetal Army and various militias murdering Tories, killing the families of British citizens (yes I know they considered themselves British) and killing British 'occupiers' in hospitals.

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