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Monday, September 09, 2002

The news from France sounds like some pretty decent statesmanship on George Bush's part. Chirac went from being totally against the war to saying that it should be prefaced by an ultimatum to Saddam. He lays it out with no equivocating and no concessions. Saddam must allow unlimited unhinderd inspections within three weeks or face a UN backed attack. Chirac's plan would seem to indicate that Bush will have France's vote in the Security Council when the time comes. Which leaves Russia and China. I think Putin is enough of a pragmatist to know that given the choice (siding with Bush or siding with Saddam) there is really only one way to go. Which leaves China. That could be very difficult. And this is why I am skeptical of this plan. Agreeing to and just hoping that the second resolution is a given could be dangerous.

I still maintain that the US has the right to launch a pre-emptive attack on the very real threat posed by Saddam. I also admit that it would look nice if the UN passed Resolutions to support the action. If for no other reason that to shut-up the weenies out there insisting that we get UN approval, all the while assuming we can never get it.

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