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Friday, September 20, 2002

Mass grave containing, possibly, tens of thousands of victims of Stalin? How could that be. So many American professors and European Far Left Socialists and George Galloway all assure us that the stories of USSR murdering millions Russians are not true or are overblown.

Working to uncover the secrets of the collapsed Soviet Union, diggers say they have found 20 sets of bones in what they believe is a vast burial ground for thousands of victims of dictator Josef Stalin's firing squads.

"Most of the 20 skulls we've found here over the last month have similar holes in the same part of the neck," he said, adding that the bullet traces mostly matched .45-caliber Colt pistols, the type of gun carried by the Soviet secret police.

Memorial has come across other, indirect evidence that indicates the approximately 30,000 missing victims were buried at the range. It includes official documents and aerial photos showing tire tracks in part of the Rzhevsk range, now overgrown with trees and shrubs.

Anyone buried there could not have been killed by the Nazis because German forces did not reach this area in World War II, Memorial said.

Yet there was no trace of tens of thousands of other victims who were rounded up in and around Leningrad, as St. Petersburg was known in Soviet times. According to official Soviet-era data, 39,488 people from the region were executed between Aug. 5, 1937, and Nov. 16, 1938. Almost 7,000 people vanished in 1930-36

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