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Monday, September 09, 2002

A legal conundrum in Iran. A man who beheaded his seven year old daughter because he suspected her uncle had raped her (post mortem showed that she was still a virgin), is facing calls from his communty that he be hanged. Under Islamic Law, however, only the father of the victim can plead for a death sentence.

First of all, I would think it more honorable to behead the man I though raped my daughter. Somehow murdering a little girl doesn't come across as very honorable. And without saounding like I am trying to imply anything. I wonder what the people in his community would be saying if it turned out that the girl was no longer a virgin? Would they still be calling for him to be hanged for committing such a brutal inhuman act, would they be calling for the hanging of the uncle or would they have approved of him 'defending' his 'honor fame and dignity'?

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