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Monday, September 23, 2002


“Kuwait is the best ally of the Americans in the region and under no circumstances would Kuwait undermine that relationship,” says Abdullah Bishara, president of the Diplomatic Center for Strategic Studies and a former advisor to Kuwait’s Foreign Ministry. “The people here value the American umbrella and value our strategic partnership."

“Islamists understand the requirement of Kuwait’s security and the needs of the United States,” says Shafeeq Ghabra, head of the Center of Strategic and Future Studies at Kuwait University. “They support ousting Saddam Hussein yet at the same time they are critical of the American policy in Palestine and Afghanistan.”
Mohammed Mulaifi, a student of Islamic law and a member of the Salafist sect, said he supports bin Laden’s efforts to oust the US from the Gulf but admitted that Kuwait was a different case.
“Kuwait is an American base and I oppose this. But most Kuwaitis support the US military presence here,” he says.

“Saddam is a liar, he’s just playing for time,” says Tareq al-Adwan, a manager of an insurance company.
“Diplomacy won’t work with Saddam,” agrees Khaled al-Ustez, an employee at the Kuwait Port Authority. “The Americans should attack straight away.”
For many Kuwaitis, the presence of American troops has helped dispel fears that Saddam might attack the country again.
“I definitely feel safer with the Americans here,” says Mariam al-Hilel, a lawyer. “The Iraqis are cowards. Saddam Hussein would never attack us while the Americans are here.”

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