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Saturday, September 21, 2002

Iraq says they will not abide by any new UN Security Council Resolutions. Like they are complying with any of the old Resolutions. I think this may be coming after Puti Put (as the President calls him) told Saddam that he's not going to be covering his ass in the Security Council.

"American officials are trying to issue or pass a new, bad resolution by the Security Council. "Iraq announced that it will no cooperate with a new resolution which is difference to what was agreed with the (UN) Secretary General", Saturday's statement said.

"...our stooge...I mean...the UN Secretary General." How can anyone stii think that the offer from Saddam is truly unconditional and he is willing to actually disarm, allow inspections, release prisoners of war or information on the dead, return Kuwait's files stolen during the war, start paying reparations and comply with the other resolutions passed?

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