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Sunday, September 08, 2002

I must admit I am at a loss to understand the retionale of Sinan al-Shabibi. In testimony before the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations he urged the US not to overthrow Saddam and then goes on to tell us that we must help Iraq strengthen its ecconomy? He suggests lifting sanctions, allowing a standstill on debt and reparations payments, allowing Iraq to to reach or approach its maximum oil export capacity, the regional and international community should extend substantial financial assistance on concessional terms or, preferably, in the form of grants. He leaves out one major component in all his calls for stability. Saddam is a murderous thug and stability and the welfare of his people mean absolutely nothing to him. What insight does Dr. Shabibi have into Saddam's soul that he thinks a prosperous Saddam will not still pose a threat? Saddam was wealthy before starting both of his wars, it didn't stop him then. This just seems to be total head in the sand wishful thinking.

Dr Shabibi said that Iraqis “are very much aware and cognizant of the fact that they have lost a lot of opportunities in terms of simple economic development and growth, since the beginning of the 1980s and even before.” He went on to explain that apart from legitimate defense considerations, Iraqis would like to concentrate in future on economic development. “Basically, they would like to follow, on a smaller scale, the example of Germany and Japan after the Second World War.”

First of all, what control does he think that the average Iraqi has over his or her life? They want lots of things freedom from a murderous dictator for one. But Shahibi seems to think we can bypass that minor detail. And most importantly he overlooks one little thing. Germany and Japan had had new governments installed by the victorious allies after a final and unquestionable defeat of their armies and ideals. We didn't surround Berlin and tell Hitler that to end this all he needed to do was make some concessions and we would start helping to rebuild his economy and leave him as Chancellor. We can implement his suggestions when Saddam is gone and a rationalbe and peaceful government replaces him.

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