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Thursday, September 26, 2002

I didn't realize that Democrat hyporicy ran that deep.

The Clinton administration (not the wild unilateralist cowboy George W. Bush) and Blair's Government, with Australian support, cited that resolution as UN authority to attack Iraqi WMD facilities in 1998 after the weapons inspectors had been prevented from doing their work.

I'll have to look that up tomorrow.

Another good piece of the article.

The best speech in the debate – a speech strangely ignored in the reporting – was given by Kim Beazley, intellectually the best-equipped politician Labor has ever produced on strategic issues. To read his assessment of the Bush administration, and contrast it with the shrill and politically semi-literate anti-Americanism of those hitherto hidden Metternichs of the caucus such as Harry Quick, Tanya Plibersek and Carmen Lawrence, you would think they were living on different planets.

Beazley argued that since September 11 the US "has enjoyed unprecedented success in mobilising an enormous coalition around the globe". He lists some of the successes: "The relationship between the US and China has not been as good as it is now during the entirety of George W. Bush's presidency and for a fair bit of the Clinton presidency . . . Relations with Russia are better now than they have been at any time since [World War II]. Probably, too, the US has the best relationships it has ever enjoyed with all players in South Asia . . . This is a formidable diplomatic achievement which, when allied to the fact that the Taliban has been overthrown in Afghanistan, constitutes a nine-month period in American history for which you cannot find an equivalence of more effective American action around the globe."

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