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Tuesday, September 10, 2002

Hating America in the name of 'art'.

Plans to stage an anti-American play featuring Osama bin Laden dressed up as Santa Claus in a city church on the anniversary of September 11 have sparked a furious row. A Conservative front bench MSP today branded the production "intentionally provocative".

The controversial play by acclaimed playwright Andrew Dallmeyer, called Wanted: Dead or Alive, will be performed in the Augustine Church on George IV Bridge tomorrow night. It tells the story of a man who works as Santa Claus in a shopping mall in Florida. As the play progresses it emerges that the man is actually Osama bin Laden in disguise. The play contains strongly anti-American sentiments and condemns United States foreign policy.

When someone with less 'liberal' points of view try to start a debate, based strictly on facts, it is conedemned as racism, hate-speechor something of that nature. Hating America and mocking it and its people is just a means of sparking a 'debate' about how to further condemn and hate America. Self-righteous fools.

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