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Friday, September 27, 2002

A group of Indian businessmen are in Kabul and make some observations.

Fifteen minutes into the city, it's evident that the battlegrounds of Kabul are now being turned into brick kilns. Kabul needs reconstruction: most houses seemed to be falling apart. ``Earlier, all I knew was how to fire an AK-47. Now I'm learning how to make bricks,'' says a Pathan soldier.

Amidst all this chaos, Kabul streets are full of life, with many smilingfaces. ``Now, we can laugh endlessly. We are very happy today,'' says Mir Azam Kaifar of the Handicraft Promotion Centre.

Indeed, there is a desire to make up for lost time. ``We want to learn computers. Will Niit come here to set up a centre?,'' asked a burkha clad women student inside the Kabul Polytechnic premises.

The markets are abuzz with activity with nothing forbidden any more. Goods flow in freely from Iran, Pakistan, China and Dubai. In the absence of a banking system the market accepts foreign currency everywhere. Money changers are everywhere, even under open skies.

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