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Wednesday, September 11, 2002

Gerald Ford writes. Why is it that for one year since Sept 11th 2001 we haven't heard a word from Ford yet get Clinton and Carter non-stop?

On a recent visit to Ground Zero I was struck by the enormity of the gaping wound in Lower Manhattan. At first glance, much of the city has returned to its pre-Sept. 11 rhythms. But make no mistake: Like America, New York is in recovery. It is far from recovered.

No mass media coverage no self-centered reflections on what he had done. Just a quiet personal chance for honoring those who died.

The lesson he has learned?

We have taken the worst they can inflict; we have responded with the best we can summon. Evil has had its day. It can inflict terrible pain for a time. But it cannot prevail in the long run.

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