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Saturday, September 21, 2002

Dr. Hamza the Iraqi nuclear program defectoris still maintaining that Saddam is merely months away from nuclear capability. Who do you believe, Scott Ritter the man who was trying to find hidden sites or the man who hid those sties from Ritter (not taking into account every other inspector who says that Ritter is delusional. If Ritter is right why doesn't he have a coalition of ex-inspectors standing up with him?)?

Dr Khidir Hamza also said that, even if given unfettered access, UN inspectors would find it far more difficult to detect the nuclear assembly line. “The beauty of the present system is that the units are each very small and in the four years since the inspectors left they will have been concealed underground or in basements or buildings that outwardly seem normal,” he said.

The Iraqi defector claimed that the necessary uranium was already being processed inside Iraq. The material, he said, comprises 1.3 tonnes of low-enriched material bought many years ago from Brazil. He said that Iraq had also been processing many tonnes of yellow-cake uranium, which has been extracted from large supplies of phosphates dotted around the country. Nuclear inspectors had been shown 162 tonnes of the material, but Dr Hamza said there were several other phosphate sites that were not inspected. “The amount of uranium it already has — conservatively estimated in a German intelligence report at ten tonnes of natural uranium and 1.3 tonnes of low-enriched uranium — is enough for three nuclear weapons,” Dr Hamza said.

There are those damn Germans again. First they give him a centrifuge and now they absolve themselves of dealing with his nuclear threat.

Before their expulsion, the inspectors dismantled an illegally imported German centrifuge installation that had been used to refine progressively natural or low-enriched uranium until it becomes suitable for weapons.

But Dr Hamza said that by then the “cat was out the bag”.

The key was provided, he said, when the German Karl Schaab smuggled in the centrifuge in 1989 and later helped Iraq to build a second. “We videoed as it was put up, so we could build identical ones. Then he also provided 130 classified documents and charts detailing every aspect of the construction. When the inspectors took away the original centrifuge, we already had the know-how. I believe there are probably hundreds of copies today,” said Dr Hamza, who now lives in the United States. “They are easy to hide — undetectable from satellites if built within or under other buildings.”

Again this advice is from a man that knows how this works from the inside.

Dr Hamza said that it would be suicidal for the West to wait much longer before eliminating Saddam’s regime. “Inspectors going in now will have an almost impossible task to discover what’s going on in the nuclear field,” he said. “Since the inspectors left, Saddam has had four years at least to hide what needs to be hidden. Now he’s well on the road, his game will be to stall and stall — if America lets him.”

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