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Monday, September 30, 2002

Do Liberals and Marxists have any other line of attack othere than racism. This is part of what Nelson Mandela said in Indonesia today.

"When the (UN) secretaries-general were white, we never had the question of any country ignoring the United Nations but now that we have got the black secretaries-general like...Kofi Annan, certain countries that believe in white supremacy are ignoring the United Nations," he told reporters at the airport on his arrival. "We have to combat that without reservation," he said.

Of course you would think that he is talking about Iraq's dismissal of UN Resolutions for the past 20 years. But you would be wrong. He is talking about the US threatening to take on Saddam even if the UN further proves it is good at talking and useless when it comes to action.

And somehow the wise one is somehow ignorant of all of the 'non-white' nations that continue to ignore UN resolutions. Zimbabwe, Sudan, Syria, North Korea, China (oh that's right, the UN Human Rights Commission doesn't see anything that China has done as worthy of denunciation), Cuba, Libya (the present chair of the UNHRC) and other such 'august' 'non-white' nations'. Apparently Nelson thinks ony 'white' countries ignore 'non-white' UN Secretary Generals.

And I don't even know where to start with this, except to say, apparently Mr Mandela has never heard of something called the US Constitution.

"No country, however powerful it may be, is entitled to act outside the United Nations...The United Nations is here to promote peace in the world, and any country that acts outside (it) is making a serious mistake."

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