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Friday, September 06, 2002

Comrade Bob insists that the famin threatening the people of Zimbabwe is in no way connected to his seizure of farms.

“It's absolute nonsense,” Mr Mugabe said in an interview with foreign journalists. He described the redistribution of the land to blacks as an important program for uplifting the nation's poor. “It's the only way you can empower people to produce not just enough for subsistence, but more, to enable them to enjoy life and to enable the country also to continue to export maize,” he said.

You mean produce enough for export? Like the country was doing before you started your campaign of ethnic cleansing?

And Black leaders in Europe not only believe him, they are praising him.

Many black people in Europe have hailed President Mugabe's speech to the Earth Summit held in Johannesburg this week, which they said, served as a call for the total dismantling of all remnants of imperialism and present day neo-colonialism.

The Secretary-general of Davira Mhere, a black empowerment group in Britain, Mr Chinondidyachi Mararike said, President Mugabe did not just steal the show at the Earth Summit but put Africa on the path to total liberation. Mr Mararike told The Herald in a telephone interview that President Mugabe had played the role of an African liberator. His speech was to sell the land struggle in Zimbabwe to the rest of Africa, he said.

"In other words what he said is that Zimbabwe today is the epicenter of a liberationist volcano whose lava will spread, and in the process scotch the resisting settlers on the continent," said Mr Mararike. President Mugabe's speech was well received by all black people worldwide, he said. "We in Davira Mhere are pleased that a noble goal (of distributing land) has been achieved in Zimbabwe," he said.

It is easy to feel that way while living in the safety and non-disease and famine ridden lans ruled by Mugabe the Murderous Marxist.

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