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Friday, September 27, 2002

Artifacts owned by Captain Bligh are up for auction at Christies.

The collection included William Bligh's own account of his 41-day journey with loyal seamen from Tahitian waters to Timor in an open boat with very little food or water — a voyage heralded as a tremendous feat of seamanship.

The items had been expected to bring about $310,000, but big interest and bids emerged at the Christie's auction.

The coconut shell used as a cup and bowl after Bligh and his small band of loyalists were cast adrift in 1789 sold for $111,135, about twice more than anticipated.

On it, Bligh had scribbled his name and the date, as well as the words, ``The cup I eat my miserable allowance out of.''

The bullet that Bligh used as a weight to ration out morsels of food sold for $58,900, again much more than expected.

Other items sold included a crude compass that Bligh used as he made his way through difficult waters after being ejected from the HMS Bounty by Fletcher Christian and the mutineers.

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