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Thursday, September 12, 2002

And there it is.

Vladimir Putin, president of Russia, has also made clear that he may also come round if the US does not object to his repressing rebels in Georgia, and guarantees the £6 billion his country is owed by Iraq.

That is what the deal with Iraq was all about. Now Putin is going to make us assure him that Iraq's new government will pay up or we will. The deal works for Putin all around. He gets in our favor for agreeing to let us take down Saddam and looks good in Russia for getting a good chunk of change out of us. The Georgia concession is tough though. They are helping us right now, giving too much on that shouldn't be part of the deal. I say we put pressure on Scheverdnaze or get him to work with Putin.

Jordan quietly shifted positions, too.

Jordan, the Arab kingdom seen as one of the most influential opponents of the war, has confirmed that it would not stand in the way of the US if it does decide to attack Iraq.

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