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Wednesday, August 14, 2002

"We are 9 children without parents. Who will take care of us now?" From what I see on CNN the NY Times and the BBC I thought only Palestinian children suffered. If these children had been Palestinians in Jenin there would have been UN resolutions in their name. They are Jews? Oh well, no need to go out and report about this. Heck, I didn't even see this until three weeks later.

The Dicksteins were on their way to spend the Sabbath in the settlement of Maon in the southern Hebron hills, when terrorists opened fire at close range, killing Yosef, 45; Hannah, 42; and Shuv-el. Shlomo, 12, was moderately wounded when a bullet hit his shoulder.

"We were driving and all of sudden there was gunfire," one of the children said. "Our mother was dead, and also Shuv-el. Father began to cry and told us all to bend down and hide... Then the terrorist came and killed Father from close range."

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