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Tuesday, August 13, 2002

The 'veterans' who backed Mugabe and 'liberated' white-owned farms are learning the hard way that stealing the land where farms are does not mean that food magically appears from the ground for their consumption. I feel for the hundreds of thousands who once lived and worked happily on these farms and a pity the millions of innocents who are about to pay for Mugabe's hateful and racist policies. These murderers and thieves who stole the land and brought this on can starve for all I care.

And since I have been on the Stalinist angle of stories today check out what 'government' officials have to say:

"We would be better off with only 6m people, with our own people who support the liberation struggle," said Didymus Mutasa, a Mugabe confidant and Zanu PF organisation secretary. "We don’t want all these extra people (farm workers)." Behind this thought is not just the idea that many farm workers in Zimbabwe have one Malawian or Zambian parent but also that those who do not support the Mugabe regime have put themselves "outside the nation". Such ideas have a chilling relevance now that famine threatens and the government is ensuring that food aid goes only to the party faithful. Vincent Hungwe, one of the regime’s rising young stars - formerly permanent secretary of agriculture and now of local government - said: "We may have to take this whole system back to zero before we can start it up again and make it work in a new way." Many black and white Zimbabweans who have been chased from their homes and their old lives already have a taste of what he means by zero.

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