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Monday, August 12, 2002

This is the sort of silliness that ensues when people do not care about history.

Mr Galloway [visiting Scottish MP sympathises Saddam] noted Saddam was "frenetically moving entire ministries underground" while preparing suicide bombers and a two million-strong army of civilians to join the regular forces if there is an invasion.

I'm sure Mr. Galloway is breathlessly telling everyone who will listen about these careful preparations and suicide bombers and civilian army of 2 million. If he bothered to understand any type of military history at all he would realize this tactic immediately. It is something Nathan Bedford Forrest perfected during the Civil War. He would confidently call for the surrender of a fort or position claiming that he easily outnumbered his the Union defenders. All the while rotating his vastly outnumbered men within view of the Union cammanders. He then said that if they forced him to attack he could offer no quarter. This often reslted in victories for Forrest without being forced into a battle. Other generals have, and apparently continue, to use this tactic effectively against blind fools.

Update. Here is Galloway's full argument. I would expect more coherence, fact and inclusive (he tells about all Saddam has said but does not mention the contradicting statements given one day later in every one of those cases) from my 11 year old daughter.

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