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Friday, August 16, 2002

One of the founders of the Taliban has said that Bin Laden personally ordered the assassination of Masood.

Mullah Mohammed Khaksar, one of the founders of the Taliban and the Islamic militia's one-time intelligence chief, told The Associated Press that bin Laden had ordered two suicide bombers diverted from a trip to Indonesia to carry out the mission.

Khaksar said that on the day of the attack on Massood, he had gone to the home of Taliban Interior Minister Abdul Razzak to pay respects on the death of Razzak's father. Two Saudis who Khaksar believed were al-Qaida members were at the wake.

Khaksar, who at the time was deputy interior minister, said the two unidentified Saudis told him of bin Laden's role and assured him that Massood was dead, even though the northern alliance was insisting that Massood had only been gravely injured.

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