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Saturday, August 10, 2002

Now this is intriguing. The Jordan Times is reporting that Abdullah Bishara, a secretary general of the six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council has said that despite what the Gulf States are saying in public they will fall in behind a war against Saddam.

“Rest assured that the Gulf states won't throw a wrench in the wheel,” in the event of war on Iraq, Bishara told AFP on Wednesday. “There is a discrepancy between what is being expressed publicly and what has been articulated quietly,” he said after months of open protests by Gulf states against a new US-led war on Iraq. “The US doesn't need any support, it needs acquiescence,” he noted. “It'll obtain the latter and won't get the former. “Everyone in the Gulf will be happy (with a change of regime in Iraq) but won't say it publicly. They cannot endorse it, but there is acquiescence.”

Kuwaiti political analyst Khaldoon Al Naqib saw little real problem for Washington, even though the emirate has also come out against serving as a base to attack Iraq. “The fact that they (US) are the guardian of security in the Gulf gives them leverage in the Gulf,” he noted. “Gulf leaders are willing to give whatever the US demands of them.”

This along with the talks that the INC has had with Washington and Tehran (which ishopefully in the process of being overthrown as we speak. Hello...CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, NY Time? Are you out there? Why hasn't Bush come outand made a public statement about the protests?) along with the construction in the GUlf has me more optimistic than I was this morning when I heard Armey..

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