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Saturday, August 10, 2002

In case you didn't get the memo Republicans are worse than terrorists. That according to Cynthia McKinney.

She [Majette] also said McKinney had taken campaign contributions from Arab terrorists on Sept. 11. McKinney touted herself as the "defender of the weak and the poor." "We don't racially profile our contributors," McKinney shot back. "My opponent has a lot of Republican money flowing into her coffers."

There are some good ones here. Reparations for slavery is now the equivalent of affirmative action. Then, she claimed to be vindicated for her accusations about Bush since the House Committee had been convened. Of course ignoring the fact that she accused Bush of having foreknowledge of the attack and allowing it to happen so he and his friends could make money. Which bears no reality at all to the subject matter being looked into by the committees.

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