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Tuesday, August 06, 2002

I'm Roman Catholic and this really pisses me off. The Church can't figure out how many strikes to give priests who rape young boys but the know exactly what to do about women who want to be priests.

The Vatican has excommunicated seven women who claim to be priests and refuse to repent, saying Monday that the group had ``wounded'' the Roman Catholic Church.

Wounded the Church? They have no problem coming right out and definitively saying this is wrong and will result in your excommunication but....rape a child and we'll cover it up for a few decades and then talk until it all goes away.

However, the women did not ``give any indication of amendment or repentance for the most serious offense they had committed,''

And the rapists who have hurt children in their care and the superioirs who hid it and moved them into places where they could continue their sins and crimes showed proper contrition?

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