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Thursday, August 01, 2002

The former Prime Minister of Estonia spoke to a gour of Cuban students about the hope for and work following the fall of Communism/Socialism.

Laar said that when the socialists left power in 1992, ``The economy and environment were totally destroyed, and the human spirit was severely hurt.''The economy was falling 30 percent, the unemployment prognosis was 30 percent, and inflation was 1,000 percent. Further, the streets were completely empty since there was no gasoline. Sometimes, when I'm sitting in some terrible traffic jam, I think those were not so bad days,'' Laar joked. Since then, Estonia has made a big jump in modern technology. Laar boasted that it now has the first paperless government in the world. ''The Estonian government looks like the Starship Enterprise,'' Laar said. The country computerized its government at a cost of $150,000, even though Microsoft tried to sell them a similar system for $60 million, he said.

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