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Tuesday, August 13, 2002

Don't think I caught this one one the networks or NY Times. A group of about a thousand Christians and Jews marched in the Old Quarter of Jerusalem and chanted that "Terrorism must be defeated".

In a how of 'diversity' people from arund the world joined to add their support for Israel.

Alongside a Bucharan band blaring music, 20 Sri Lankan pilgrims marched quietly, wearing wooden crosses and green shirts. Sri Lankan tour guide Rodney Koelmeyer said this was the 12th pilgrimage to the Holy Land he had coordinated this year. "We have been and continue to be supportive of Israel," Koelmeyer said. "With all of the bad publicity, we still have confidence."

Some Israelis marched along. Nine-year-old Israeli Mazan Mula, whose family immigrated to Israel from Ethiopia, joined her parents at the event. "I think that these people are right," she said, clutching her baseball cap in one hand and her friend's hand in the other.

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