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Wednesday, August 07, 2002

Daniel Pipes is down in Australia. It is interesting that he is branded an anti-Muslim extremist. He is just telling us exactly what the Radical (and even some not so Radical) Muslim groups themselves have said. They want to supplant Western Democracy and Secular Law with the Sharia. Even groups in moderate Muslim countries, namely Indonesia, Malaysia and Nigeria, are are trying to impose Sharia rule on their nations even if the majority of the populations do not want it.

This is a fairly common tactic by people who have no solid foundation of truth from which to debate. When you hear an uncomfortable truth you scream as loud and often as you can that your opponent is racist or whatever sort of -ist fits. Look it is fairly obvious that someone has declared war on us, I don't think it racist or anti-Muslim to come to the fairly easy conclusion (just look at the fatwas and videotapes from bin Laden and the other Islamists) that we are fighting Militant Islam (and yes Iraq is not ruled by militant Islam but Saddam dons that mantle when it suits him and supports anyone who will further his own goals). Just because we opposed the Soviets and still oppose Cuba doesn't mean we are at war with all Socialism or we would be at war with all of Europe. We fought our war against the Taliban without making it a war on all Afghans. We can, as Pipes asserts, be at war with Militant Islam without being at war will all of Islam.

I do take exception to one instance Pipes gives here. The woman in Florida who would not take off her viel for her license photo. I don't know what groups were backing her claim but I did hear Hussein Ibish on the radio (not usually a voice of moderation) say that this woman's claim was completely baseless and foolish.

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