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Thursday, August 15, 2002

Cynthia McKinney is now accusing Denise Majette of racial profiling in the running of her campaign. Does she even understand what the phrase means or is she just using it because it is a buzzword she keeps hearing the liberal media tell us is bad.

But McKinney campaign manager Bill Banks said sending African-American campaign workers into black neighborhoods is wrong. "I can't believe Majette's campaign looks at the color of your skin the minute you walk in her door," Banks responsded. "That's disgraceful, and that's not what Georgia is about."

And what is the uproar about? An email.

The memo, which the McKinney campaign sent to reporters, says that the Majette campaign must "Identify specific areas in: neighborhoods, precincts, grass roots, [be\] street driven." It says the campaign must "work the streets in a posse, in t-shirts, probably no white folks if it is a black neighborhood."

But in the racially neutral tradition of Cynthia:

Some McKinney supporters have called Majette "Tomette," a play on the pejorative term "Uncle Tom." A McKinney campaign ad states Majette "sold us out." Another McKinney ad compared Majette to a white police officer who punched a handcuffed black teen.

So McKinney will try to lambaste Majette as a tool of whites but screams 'racial profiling' when Majette's campaign is timid about sending whites into mostly black neighborhoods.

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