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Tuesday, August 13, 2002

The Arabs take their arguments and denunciations before the UN and EU and demand that they make Israel do their bidding. Israel on the other hand has open pleaded for Arab leaders to come to Israel or even to meet in neutral territory. The Israeli President went on al-Jazeerra to do it again. And has even offered to come to Riyadh.

"I invite Arab leaders to come to Jerusalem -- and if they are not willing to ... Israeli leaders are ready to travel to any Arab capital or town -- so that we can discuss how to arrive at a fair and lasting peace with the Arab world,"

Rather than make some vague and indistince 'peace proposals' Israelis are trying to open up a real dialogue. And why do you think it is that the Arabs refuse to do this? It is because of the 'Occupation'. Not what the NY Times considers it to be (or maybe they do). The Arab League considers the 'Occupation' to consist of every peice of land in the Middle East where a Jew is standing. In Israel and everywhere else. Neverforget that. When you hear and Arab or terrorist apologist say 'Occupation' they include every square inch of Israel. If that were not true the maps and Charters of every Muslim organization would recognize the existance of Israel.

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